Gamma Chapter was founded in 1922 at the School of Business Administration


Delta Phi Epsilon International is an almost century old International Business & Foreign Service Fraternity & Sorority founded in 1919 at Georgetown University. Boston University's Gamma Chapter was founded in 1922 through the School of Business Administration. The society fosters a community of professionals who want to pursue an international career in business trade & development, economic policy, international relations, law, journalism etc. The reactivation of the Gamma Chapter at Boston University will help young students in their professional development into future world leaders and advocates of world justice, peace, & prosperity.



In 1919, at the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, in Washington D.C. four men and future brothers came together and formed a first of it's kind fraternity. Centered on promoting the social and professional interest of foreign service men, on Sunday January 25, 1920, 19 men became initiated as the first in the alpha chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon and the community only took off from there. Today there are 10 active chapters all over the United States from New York City, to Berkeley California, and an impressive list of alumni consisting of Ambassadors, Professors, and an even a highly successful animator and businessman (Does the name Disney ring a bell?). Join today to add your name to the list.


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The year was in 1972, and the Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Service fraternity would still not admit women into their chapters. Noticing the unfairness in this situation the women at Georgetown University Foreign Service School, took matters into their own hands. In 1973 the Alpha Chapter of the Delta Phi Epsilon Foreign Service Sorority was founded. Today their are several chapters scattered over the United States, and the alumni list holds the only former Secretary of State from DPE, the impressive Madeline Albright. Join our ranks today and further your future and your world. 



The DPE Gamma Chapter Partners with two institutions at Boston University. They are the Pardee School of Global Studies and the Queststrom School of Business. To learn more about either institution please click on either image.