Meet Danica

Hello, my name is Danica Derriennic and I am a sophomore in CAS with a double major in International Relations (focusing on Europe and International Systems/World Order) and English Literature. Boston is the 8th place I've called home; I've also lived in Macedonia, Zambia, Washington D.C., Burkina Faso, Tunisia, Bangladesh and Austria. Getting to intern at a UN initiative in Vienna over the summer was definitely one of my favorite experiences abroad, but I'm looking to have even more awesome experiences soon; Ireland, Australia and Japan currently top my travel list. I study the broader European region, but I'm particularly focused on the future of the European Union in light of growing nationalism and protectionism across the continent, and on the future of non-member states in relation to the EU, particularly in the Balkan region. I hope to pursue a career in diplomacy and to one day work for a major international organization like the United Nations or the World Bank.