Meet Our Team

Gamma Chapter Executive Board


Maria Elisa Vallejo

Executive President

Maria Elisa Vallejo (or as she is more commonly known as: Mev) is proud to serve as president of the Gamma chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon in her senior year. She is a double major in Economics and International Relations with a focus on Europe and Security Studies/Foreign Policy. Born in Quito, Ecuador but raised in South Florida, her passion for foreign affairs began at an early age. She joined DPE in the fall semester of her sophomore year, initially being attracted to the organization due to its diversity and evident professionalism. Mev studied abroad in Madrid, Spain during the spring semester of her Junior year. There, she took classes while interning at the US Embassy’s Commercial Service Office. More recently, she spent the summer in New York City interning for J.P. Morgan Chase in their Global Finance and Business
Management Program.


Alexander Dougherty Neumann

vice president

Alexander is a student in the class of 2021 studying computer science with a minor in history. Raised in a barn in central New Jersey, he can easily discuss for hours the merits of Wawa, beauty of hoagies, or a complicated love/hate relationship with the interstate. Originally drawn to DPE by
meeting members in Model United Nations, he immediately found himself sucked into the uniqueness of not only the community as a whole, but the spectrum of passionate young adults that comprised it. Outside of DPE, Alexander is an Under Secretary General of the BarMUN XI, competing delegate on the Model United Nations Travel Team, and an attorney for the Boston University Mock Trial Organization. When not trying to keep busy, Alexander listens and seeks out new music on Soundcloud, runs sprints in FitRec, or plays tennis on the BU courts.


Austin Lee


Austin is a sophomore in Pardee School of global studies studying International Relations with two minors in Business Administration and Political Science. He is originally from Richardson, a small town outside Dallas, TX, but grew up in Canada and South Korea for most of his life. Austin was lucky enough to pledge DPE as a first semester freshman in the fall of 2017 because as a result of rushing, he was able to meet people from all over the world with similar interests right on BU's campus. Outside of DPE, he is a senator in the Student Government and an Activities Consultant at the Student Activities Office where he spent this recent summer working. Being a huge soccer fan, he can usually be spotted in his own room watching soccer matches or something on Netflix. Austin recently finished watching The Office, and is open to any and all recommendations for which show to start next.


Tengi Shiga

Vice president of professional relations

Tengi is a junior in the College of Arts and Science as well as the College of Communications majoring in political science and minoring in public relations. She specializes in public policy and
crisis management because of her interest in private sector US politics. She joined Delta Phi Epsilon her freshman year to meet other likeminded individuals with similar pursuits and interests in life. Having found that community, she has tried to gain the most from her experience in a professional organization by now giving back to those around her as a member of the executive board. She grew up in Roscoe, Illinois but hails from Beijing, China. She spent the summer continuing her studies to graduate a year early as well as working as an intern for a government relations firm downtown.


Hadley Alter

Head of Internal Programming

Hadley is a senior pursuing a major in International Relations with a concentration in environmental development and a regional focus in Europe as well as a minor in Spanish. She comes from St. Louis, Missouri and contrary to popular belief does not live on a farm. After joining Delta Phi Epsilon her sophomore year in the fall of 2016, she now serves as the Vice President of Internal Programming. Apart from DPE, Hadley is part of the Sigma Delta Tau sorority and HeForShe at Boston University. Hadley is an avid traveler and spent the spring semester of her junior year studying and interning in Madrid. Hadley is passionate about sustainability and fashion, as well as the middle ground of both in developing nations. An all star cook in her own right, Hadley will never turn down a good bowl of al-dente pasta.


Ameen Qoqandi


Ameen is a sophomore pursuing a double major in Mathematics and Economics in the College of Arts and Sciences. You might think after coming to Boston all the way from Mecca, Saudi Arabia that the cold would bother him, but Ameen can be seen in midwinter wearing athletic shorts and hoodie. He joined Delta Phi Epsilon as a freshman in the fall of 2017 pledge class and now serves as the Treasurer of BU’s Gamma Chapter. Outside of DPE, Ameen continues his passion for the organization and management of money as the Treasurer of BU’s Saudi Cultural Club. Big community is a staple in Ameen's life having lived in an Uzbek home in Saudi Arabia surrounded by a big family of 10 people. In his free time, he likes trying exotic foods, watching movies, and drawing people who he does not know.


Samantha Harpool

Vice President of marketing

Samantha Harpool is a junior in the College of Arts and Science double majoring in Political Science and International Relations with a minor in Communications from the College of Communications. While she now considers herself a city person, Samantha is from the white capped mountains of Boulder, Colorado. Having grown up on a farm, she appreciates the accessibility of cities and hopes to continue exploring her Boston home and it's many hidden spots. She joined Delta Phi Epsilon as a way to hone her professional skills in the fall of 2017 and recognized that she would prefer to take a more engaged role in the direction of an organization that has given her so much. 



Carleen Wenner

Vice president of Community outreach

Carleen is a senior pursuing a major in International Relations and a minor in Mandarin. She was born in Florida but
grew up in Hong Kong where she resided for nine years. She joined Delta Phi Epsilon as a sophomore as a part of the fall 2016 pledge class and now serves for a second time as the Community Outreach VP. Her passion for service is rooted in her upbringing abroad, volunteering in countries such as Thailand, China, India, and the Philippines. Carleen has studied abroad in London and Shanghai, and travels whenever she can. Outside of her involvement in DPE, Carleen works remotely for the Hong Kong and Macau Consulate General conducting research on Human Rights and Human Trafficking for the Department of State’s annual reports.


Nicholas Stenseng

Vice president of recruitment

Nicholas Stenseng has the great privilege and honor of meeting and helping induct
our newest class of pledges this year as Delta Phi Epsilon’s Vice President of
Recruitment. Nicholas originally hails from Huntington Beach, CA where he essentially
grew up on the beach. Trading sand for city, Nicholas moved out to Boston in
September 2015 to study both Political Science and International Relations here at
Boston University. When not studying, you can easily find Nicholas on the Quidditch
pitch as a member of the Boston University Quidditch team. Most people may see it as a novelty as a sport, but the bruises and long practices are proof of the athleticism required. If you are looking for a better description, Nicholas could probably explain it better in person then any written explanation could do.